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Hot fork Buffet

Hot Fork Buffet

Salmon and asparagus lasagne
Glazed sesame salmon fillet
Smoked fish pie - Chunks of salmon, cod, smoked haddock & prawns in a creamy leek sauce topped with a parsley mash
Authentic Thai chicken curry served with rice & naan breads
Chicken cacciatora cooked in Chianti with olives, plum tomatoes and herbs
Coq au vin—chicken breast cooked with red wine, smoked bacon, shallots, mushrooms, garlic & herbs
Moroccan chicken with preserved lemons, olives and Moroccan spices
Slow roasted chicken thighs with chorizo & peppers
Sausage cassoulet, Grasmere sausages, Grasmere Lincolnshire and Toulouse sausages, with herbs and cannelli beans in a rich tomato sauce
Slow braised casserole of pork with cider, bramley apples, sage and cream
Slow braised pork with mushrooms and Marsala wine
Beef goulash with tomatoes, smoked paprika and garlic
Beef braised slowly in Guinness, mushrooms and Colston Bassett stilton
Beef with Provençale sauce and roasted garlic
Pot-roasted beef, orange and coriander casserole
Tagine of lamb—spicy sweet lamb with tomatoes, apricots, almonds, minted cous cous
Handmade Lincolnshire sausages casserole with root vegetables, herbs and cider
**Chilli con carne served with rice, sour cream and tortilla chips
**Traditional cottage pie topped with creamy mash & grated cheddar
**Traditional beef lasagne

£13.00 per person
** £10.00 per person

All served with a selection of seasonal vegetables and potatoes or bowls of rice and mixed salad

Meat and all fresh produce are locally sourced.

All prices exclude V.A.T.

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