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Hot Bowl Food

Bowl food

Prawns with chilli, coriander, spring onions and rice
Jamaican pepperpot stew
Moroccan chicken with herbed cous cous and chickpeas
Chicken cacciatore with garlic mash
Thai green chicken curry with coriander and coconut rice & naan breads
Lincolnshire sausages on onion mash with cider gravy
Pork Loin in cider with bramley apple mash
Sausage cassoulet with mustard mash
Beef goulash with rice
Beef in red wine with shallots & Garlic mash
Beef in Guinness with grain mustard mash
Lamb, mushroom and spinach korma with rice
Chilli con carne served with rice and Greek yoghurt
Braised sweet potato and butterbean curry with cashew rice (V)
Curried pumpkin served with naan bread and beetroot raita (V)
Vegetarian chilli served with rice, naan bread and greek yoghurt (V)
Pasta shells with roasted Mediterranean vegetables

£11.50 per person

Bowl food is ideal to have for a more informal atmosphere allowing your guests to mingle

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