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Cold Buffet 1

Fresh salmon, prawns and pasta shells coated with lemon mayonnaise
Smoked salmon, prawn and dill cream tart
Chicken coated in lime mayonnaise topped with sliced mango & shredded coconut
Chicken Caesar salad –Slices of chicken breast, crisp lettuce leaves, croutons, smoked bacon, parmesan
shavings and Caesar dressing
Coronation chicken- Slices of chicken breast with fresh mango bound in a lightly curried creamy mayonnaise
Oriental chicken noodle salad with a ginger, honey, coriander and orange dressing
Roasted loin of pork with Bramley apple relish
Locally handmade pork pies with piccalilli
Locally cured ham served with grain mustard
Roasted topside of beef with a mustard crust, cooked to your liking served with
English mustard and horseradish (Sirloin supplement £3.00)
Thai beef noodle salad
Traditional quiche Lorraine
Feta and roasted mediterranean vegetable tart with pesto cream (V)
Beef tomatoes with olives, basil, garlic and mozzarella (V)
Goats’ cheese and roasted red pepper tart with basil cream (V)
Spinach and boursin roulade (V)

£14.00 per person

This includes a choice of three dishes and a selection of five salads/potatoes from the salad list
Served with baskets of assorted locally made breads
All fresh produce is sourced locally wherever possible.
All prices exclude V.A.T.


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