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Finger Buffet 1

Goats cheese & red pepper crostini
Chicken liver crostini
Chicken sour cream and shredded lettuce wrap
Lime chicken with a Thai dipping sauce
Chicken tikka kebabs with raita dip
Honey and mustard chicken drumsticks
Tomato & feta bruschetta
Greek salad wrap
Assortment of local sausages
Croissants filled with locally cured ham and cream cheese
Locally handmade pork pie, served with homemade chutney
Sausage kebabs with grain mustard dip
Sausages rolls
Chorizo, cherry tomato and olives skewers
Lincolnshire poacher & spring onion quiches
Assorted meats on herb breads
Assorted sandwiches
Salami and melon kebabs
Tuna & sweetcorn tarts
Tomato, feta & pesto tarts
Assorted crudities with dips (V)
Cheese scones with a mango and cream cheese filling (V)
Mediterranean scones with sundried tomatoes & cream cheese filling (V)
Feta, cherry tomato and olive wrap (V)
Kettle chips with assorted dips (V)
Scottish oat cakes topped with Cheddar/Stilton cheese (V)
Bowls of savoury popcorn (V)

Prices per person:
5 items @ £7.50, 6 items @ £8.85, 7 items @ £10.25, 8 items @ £11.40, 9 items @ £12.85, 10 items @ £13.40


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