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** Platters of meat & cheeses
Black olives & sardine tartlets
Goats cheese & onions on toasted bread
Chicken salad pancakes
Spicy sausage quiche
Diced chorizo sausages with sage toasts
Pork loin with blue cheese on sliced baguettes
Pork loin with peppers & cream sauce
**Roast beef with pickled gherkins & green mustard
Chicken in garlic
Duck liver pate with caramelised onions
Meat pasties
**Marinated sirloin brochette
Meatballs with a spicy tomato sauce
Seafood cocktail on rustic bred
Basque-style tuna & potato stew
Prawns in garlic with sliced chilli peppers
Cod fritter with an aioli dip

Served with

Bowls of ratatouille
Bowls of vegetable paella
Bowls of Catalan-style broad beans
Bowls of seafood salad

** These items have a £2.00 supplement

Choose 6 items and 2 bowls of salads
£13.00 a head

Meat and all fresh produce are locally sourced.
All prices exclude V.A.T.

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