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Vegan Menu


Caponata – roasted aubergine with Italian herbs, capers, olives & tomatoes
Strawberry, balsamic & spinach salad
Greek salad (substituting feta for vegan cheese)
£4.25p for 1 choice


Main Courses

Vegan enchilada casserole
Grilled tofu & vegetarian skewers
Roast summer peppers with a filling of sun-blushed tomatoes, black olives, garlic & basil
Tofu with vegetables & soya sauce
£14 for one choice



Raspberry meringue with fresh raspberries
Summer fruit salad with minted syrup
Tropical fruit salad with coconut cream
£4.25p for one choice


Vegan Finger Food

Falafels, Stuffed vine leaves, Houmous with crudites
Olive & pepper kebabs, Pesto, rocket & sundried tomatoes in bamboo boats
5 items £8.50p a head


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Prices may be subject to increase in 2019


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